From the Ashes

On December 13, 1977, 29 people boarded a DC-3 airplane at Evansville, Indiana’s Dress Regional Airport. Their destination was Nashville, Tennessee, where they would charter a bus to nearby Murfreesboro for a game against Middle Tennessee State University.

The flight lasted 90 seconds.

From the Ashes, an original documentary by Court Street Productions, tells the story of that team, which was the University of Evansville’s first as an NCAA Division I basketball program; after winning five College Division national championships, the university had made the move to the big time that year. Using interviews from more than 75 people, director Joe Atkinson’s film spans nearly a century of Evansville college basketball to tell the story of the night it rained tears in Evansville – and the team for whom an entire city wept.

Special thanks to the University of Evansville’s archive for many of the photos used in the above teaser, and to photographer Michael Keating for the photos of UE Head Coach Bobby Watson.