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Chapter 1

In the premiere episode of The Book of Dallas, Dallas McKay and his roommate, Hank, head out for a night of drinking with their fellow reporters, where Dallas's atheism unexpectedly lands him in the crosshairs. After Lindsey's attempts to comfort him lead to their early departure, Dallas suddenly finds himself facing an uncomfortable revelation.

Chapter 2

In the aftermath of his accident, Dallas finds himself face-to-face with the God he didn't believe existed.

Chapter 3

Dallas hits the road in search of a publisher for his book, while Benjamin continues attending church and Bible study in search of his purpose.

Chapter 4

Dallas does his first television interview promoting God's book, "The Word;" Benjamin visits his therapist.

Chapter 5

Dallas and his friends return home for his first book signing, where he meets a rowdy group of protesters - and his first ardent follower.

Chapter 6

With Dallas lying comatose in a hospital bed, Benjamin finds himself thrust into the limelight as the media shift focus to those who witnessed the shooting.

Chapter 7

Dallas wakes up to find a flood of media outlets seeking his attention. Benjamin begins preaching as Unitism spreads across the nation.

Chapter 8

Dallas takes to the airwaves to defend The Word, while Hammel's phones ring off the hook with news stations trying to get him to debate Dallas on the air.

Chapter 9

Dallas makes rounds among the media to promote The Word while Benjamin plans a Unitist rally and Hammel faces a crisis of faith.

Chapter 10

In the season finale, Dallas deals with the aftermath of the explosion while dueling forces square off over the direction of the Unitist movement.