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Benjamin Crockett

Role: Dallas McKay
Dallas starts the story as a newspaper reporter and avowed atheist. After a night out with friends ends tragically, though, he wakes up in Heaven and finds himself face-to-face with the God he didn't believe existed. God's charge to Dallas - to write a new, hatred- and violence-free religious text, then sell it to the world - is the focus of The Book of Dallas.

Clay Evans

Role: Hank Jackson
Fond of booze and women, Hank is Dallas's best friend and roommmate. He joins Dallas on his book tour, both because he believes in the cause, and because, you know - if he didn't he'd have to get a real job.

Jeanne Whitney

Role: Lindsey DuPree
Dallas's girlfriend joins Dallas and Hank on the book tour, much to Hank's chagrin. Once a self-serving television reporter, she's now extremely loyal to Dallas - and worried about the toll his mission is taking on him.

Kevin Roach

Role: Benjamin Dolerman
A sad loner looking for his place in the world, Benjamin immediately embraces Dallas's book, believing it to be what he has been waiting his whole life to find.

Rusty James

Role: Grant Hammel
As the Director of Religious Life at the Gateway to Heaven Church, Grant Hammel is one of America's most visible spokesmen for the Christian faith. He quickly becomes one of the loudest critics of Dallas's book.

Julie Hernandez Seaton

Role: Andrea Wallace
One of the founders of the small-time publishing house Wallace & German, Andrea Wallace agrees to publish Dallas's book - out of a strong belief in the almighty dollar, more than any actual conviction in its message.

David Ross

Role: St. Peter
As God's right hand, St. Peter is what most people would expect to see - an older, white-bearded man who speaks in oddly singsong, archaic language. Years alongside God have made the two like an old, married couple - one where St. Peter definitely doesn't dominate.

Kristine Renee Farley

Role: God
The God of The Book of Dallas is strong, stern ... and more than a bit quirky. With a fondness for waffles and granola (well, GOOD granola), She's not what Dallas expects to find in Heaven. She's also not happy about the things being done in Her name around the world, and wants Dallas to help put a stop to it.

Joe Atkinson

Role: Tony Roman

Sarah Moore

Role: Julie

Kiley Eberhard

Role: Vanessa

Grant Niezgodski

Role: Randy

Toby Onwumere

Role: Agent

Alix Sopheia

Role: Jackie

Michael Loos

Role: Senator Eric Logan

Steve Gray

Role: Senator Michael Duvall

Mark Clem

Role: James Lander

Louie Lawless

Role: Dale Mirano

Ron Rhodes

Role: Jared Filborne

Kenton McDonald

Role: Michael Petty

Sidney Shripka

Role: Caitlin Finnegan

Larissa Ross

Role: Therapist

Jakob Bilinski

Role: John Osmond

Cindy Maples

Role: Dani

Aric Dylan Stanish

Role: Bible Study Leader

P.J. Starks

Role: Angry Fat Man

Todd Tucker

Role: Anchor 1

Megan McGregor

Role: Anchor 2

Patrick Higgs

Role: Anchor 3

Beth Speer

Role: Host 1

Abigail Werling

Role: Host 2